Kart-O-Rama has been supporting kart racing since 1959. Jack Lehmann started the business in 1959. He made it his full time career in 1993 opening a store in Tacoma. Jack for many years previous to opening the store he built kart motors and supplied parts from his machine shop from his home. Roger Semro bought the business in December 2002. With Jack at Roger’s side the business out grew the Tacoma facility and in October 2004 Roger moved the store to a 4000 square foot facility in Sumner, Washington. Jack at age 85 icontinues to build National Championship motors for karters around the country. 
 Jacks knowledge of engine building, chassis set up, engine tuning and at the track experience he continues to help racers get the best out of there equipment. Many of you may know Jack as he has been Race Director or Tech Director at many IKF National events over the past 30 years. If you don’t know him Jack was the President of IKF for 2006. Roger travels to more than 30 race events throughout the Pacific Northwest each year supporting kart racers. Their commitment to supporting the kart racers at the track is number one on their list. 
Kart-O-Rama continues to grow because of our commitment to supporting kart racers, selling quality products at fair prices, having parts in stock, execellent customer service, a full service shop and track side support  trailer stocked with parts and accessories.
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